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Friday, August 12, 2011

week in review: au revoir nyc

week in review
25th avenue flea market
day trip to hamptons
sipped veuve cliquot at grey gardens with pari, quinn, louis the pug, tim
lunch banter with charming ben bradlee
warm welcome by sally quinn
coconut green tea + steamed kale w/ amanda hirsch at jivamukti cafe
shopped: goodwill on 25th
family jewels
blow out for meet up
4 yummy jivamukti yoga classes
took louis to daycare one day (he was a star!)
meet-up at bookstore w/ local bloggers
picked up latest issue of artful blogging magazine
meeting with creative biz consultant
lunch with le beau's law school buddies
paid heaps of water, gas, electricity, cleaning, comcast, trash bills for studios
vintage ribbons from tinsel trading 
podcast featuring jessica from what i wore
browsing at the strand with carolyn
smuggled louis the pug on the bus
bought 2 embroidery books, 1 style book + pink foam hair rollers online
penned manager notes
procured 2 pair of vintage cowboy boots: shiny patent + baby pink
browsed cheap jacks vintage on 5th avenue
fell in love with slugandsquirrel terrariums at anthropologie
fell in love with 1950s lace shrug at stella dallas
picked up heaps of vintage skeleton keys to make one-of-a-kind necklaces
film discussion at housing works 

weekend wishlist
smuggle louis on bus home (fingers crossed)
hang new vintage finds
post video for tranquility du jour tv
pack for florida
embroidery class
tea with LA yogini visiting dc
bebe shower for beloved tranquil space teacher
muse in journal
yoga at tranquil space
fly to florida + prepare for week of disney leadership institute

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

I am constantly inspired by all that you get done, you work hard and play hard!
Love the week in review, though sadly mine never comes near it!

kimberly wilson said...

awww, you do PLENTY! it's surprising how much one actually does in a week and writing these has kept me accountable - especially on those weeks where my to-do list doesn't seem to have lightened. glad you like them! thanks for reading. x

Helen said...

You went to Grey Gardens?! Was it amazing? Could you feel the presence of Big Edie and Little Edie. Totally obsessed with them.

Have a good weekend.