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Friday, July 01, 2011

week in review: birthday bliss

week in review
turned 38
4 yoga classes
2 gym jaunts
farmer's markets
more 1% for the planet donations: peta, sea turtle restoration project, jane goodall institute
manager meetings
5 hours MSW
saw conan o'brien can't stop (highly recommend) 
wrote MSW paper
n street village annual luncheon at national press club
wrote tranquil space newsletter mid-year muse
yummy homemade meal at friend's
numerous walks + cuddles with louis the pug
time with fave 4-legged friends at pigs animal sanctuary
savored salted caramels (photo above)
shipped care package to dear girlfriend
lunch with pals from n street village
demanded pink balloons from le beau (photo above)
vintage shopping in berkeley springs, wv
mentoring call with lovely client from mid-west
monthly team notes on heaps of innovations
fell in love with dress at betsey johson. told sales clerk i wanted to be her when i grow up.
mani + pedi in pink flamenco (photo above)
savored organic blueberry + corn scone (photo above)
received a pig trashcan for my birthday = squealed with delight (photo above)
gifted a sponsored cat from pig's animal sanctuary for colleague
was overwhelmed with kind birthday notes via facebook, text messages, blog, email = MERCI
held exit interview + gifted carrot cake for moving employee = le sigh
met with team re: pepsi refresh grant for tranquil space foundation
biked to georgetown with le beau for birthday brunch + vintage shopping

weekend wishlist
safe travels to costa rica
nosh on heaps of papaya
 write poolside
read in hammock while rain pours
 get my yoga on
inspiring class + welcome to retreaters

et toi? what's on your weekend wishlist?

bisous. x

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