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Sunday, July 03, 2011

let's retreat

bonjour from costa rica.

since arriving yesterday at noon (oui, that meant a 4am wake-up) I've been napping a ton, reading heaps, outlining my new e-course and e-book, savoring oodles of fresh fruit and veggies (plus strawberry juice), and communing with our delightful group of retreaters - including mama wilson.

the air is fresh, the birds are constantly singing, the sun rises at 5:30am and sets around 5:30pm. this time away is just what the doctor ordered. without constant online connection and an autoreply that reads:

dearest you,

merci beaucoup for your email!

i'm currently hosting a retreat, eating heaps of papaya, and reading parisian memoirs poolside in the mountains of costa rica with limited access to email. if your email still requires attention upon my return monday, july 11, i'll gladly get back to you at that time. until then, wishing you a delightful week full of tranquility!


i'm not planning on spending much time handling the typical day-to-day needs of life back in dc. instead i want to be fully present here, in this moment, with my group, on this mountain, in this tropical setting. basically i'm anticipating that day-to-day dramas will work themselves out by the time i return and, if they don't, i'll be delighted to handle them once i'm not giving everything i've got in another work environment (that just so happens to be yummy).

i love silence. i love time alone. i love contemplation. a retreat is like a week-long slumber party for the soul.

how to go on retreat:

1. find the perfect setting: picnic at a park, week on the west coast, day at the beach, month abroad
2. secure travel arrangements: car rental, cab pick up, hotel or apartment, flight
3. set expectations: let loved ones know you're away and work colleagues know your availability
4. pack lightly: lots of layers, camera, journal, pens, leave ample room for returning with goodies for family and friends
5. craft an intention: what are you seeking through this journey?
6. leave footprints + love: connect with all beings you meet along the path with respect and admiration
7. return with treats: a poem you penned, coffee from a plantation you visited, locally made taffy

i hope your holiday weekend (usa readers) is full of tranquility. how are you celebrating independence? bon voyage. bisous. x

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Sherry said...

I want to go on a retreat...right. now. Totally inspiring!

Gretchen said...

Sounds heavenly. Maybe I'll have a mini-retreat by myself next week!