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Friday, May 20, 2011

week in review

week in review:
tranquil space cleaning afternoon with managers
sipped tons of jasmine green tea
office cleaning afternoon at tranquil space
just cause event for tranquil space foundation
1 MSW class
manager meetings
front desk team retreat
dinner with darling advanced teacher training mentees
2 teacher sub auditions
4 yoga classes
 1 gym jaunt
started day with meditation
listed to the rain
teacher retreat class subs
anthropologie artist date
yoga, wine + cheese with friend
dinner date with le beau
lunch + tea date with friend
arlington studio team meeting
soak in lush-filled tub
read pieces of bohemian manifesto + idea mapping + way of the happy woman
struggling to figure out new summer schedule
set up pig sanctuary visit
brekky with fellow 1% for the planet members
dreamed of renting flat in nyc for week + playing new yorker
watched part of sid + nancy
picked up beautiful pink peonies
savored ice cream + rhubarb crumble
experienced heaps of sleepiness most days
received 50lb box of vintage family goodies from mum
dressed sir louis the pug in pearls
shipped TranquiliT
added "share your outfits" tag to TranquiliT's site

weekend wishlist:
host inspiring teacher retreat at le beau's cabin in the woods
contemplate (+ hopefully finalize) summer schedule
work on paris + provence retreat confirmations
art journal
read in hammock
get a much-needed massage
do heaps of yoga
make kale chips for retreat

et toi? what's on your wishlist?

bisous. x

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Unknown said...

Your blog inspires me especially your week in review and I love the weekend wish list thinking of copying that if you don't mind.

moi said...

i love a handsome pug in pearls ; )

Helen said...

My lovely Lily Jack has Poochie Pearls that she wears for special occasions. I am certain she is aware that she is in fine knock off jewelry tied on with a fine knock off Pucci scarf.

Enjoy the weekend and thank you for always inspiring.

kimberly wilson said...

yolanda - don't mind at all. glad to hear it inspires!

moi- you are SO talented. louis hearts his auntie carol!

helen - love it! would love to see a photo. x