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Thursday, May 19, 2011

passion for peonies

yesterday the flower man by tranquil space had peonies and i squealed, "omg, you have peonies today!" almost gave the man a hug. he was taken aback as i pulled two bunches to my chest and thanked him repeatedly. 

there is something so beautiful about peonies. so many petals are pulled tight into a little bud and then before you know it, poof, you have a bouquet of bursting beauty on your hands. 
a beautiful metaphor for life.

with a little sunshine, water, and lots of love, it's impressive what can bloom. 

bisous. x

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Melita said...

yes! i love peonies for the reasons you mentioned + they. smell. phenomenal. :)

hugs and _/\_

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I planted some bulbs recently, waiting for them to burst out of the ground.

Anonymous said...

Peonies are my favourite flower both as a florist and a general flower loving gal, when I got married last year my bouquet was white peonies and miniture hyrdaners, I would have had pink but my dress was a very pale blush pink so white was perfect!

Grace said...

Always look forward to see their pink blooms in my garden.

kimberly wilson said...

peonies = happiness. truly the most beautiful flower ever. x