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Friday, May 27, 2011

sneak peek: TranquiliT vintage/reclaimed

 1950s sequined evening bag
 shiny pink bubble skirt
shiny silver 60s-inspired dress
behind the scenes photo shoot

happy friday eve.

while le beau rests at the cabin, i stayed in town to savor some creative space before joining him tomorrow for the long weekend. pandora is on my fave station - carla bruni. candles are lit. peonies are in full bloom. and chez moi is in creative disarray. 

i took the evening to snap images of the recent vintage and reclaimed pieces i'd picked up for our soon-to-launch TranquiliT page. i'm currently obsessed with handpicking items from secondhand sources to showcase online and on moi versus buying new or mass produced. 
local gals, i'll be bringing some items into tranquil space, too!

all pieces chosen have a whimsical, happy, flirty and feminine vibe. i hope you, too, will love the addition of reused pieces to TranquiliT. 

a bit of background from the new TranquiliT page:
TranquiliT is thrilled to add even more sustainability to its collection through the incorporation of vintage, reclaimed, and upcycled clothing. Since donning a pink and white striped lacy Jessica McClintock second-hand gown for junior high prom, Kimberly has been a connoisseur of consignment clothing and accessories. As TranquiliT continues to explore ways to blend do-gooding, style, and creativity, bringing in vintage and formerly owned clothing and accessories felt like the obvious next step. Each item listed has been hand-picked by Kimberly when searching thrift and vintage racks in New York, stumbling upon the perfect yard sale in the country, or strolling through flea markets in Paris. These beautiful pieces align with our own designs - versatile, chic, comfy, and lovely for layering. Let your inner fashionista out to play and bask in the fact that you're helping a discarded item find a happy home.

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From Drab to Fab said...

Love it!

Vintage Butterfly said...

I can't wait to see them all! ;) I am soooo loving that vintage evening bag...I have some that I use every single day...I love them that much. ;)