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Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY slip

1. 70s M/L slip from mama wilson
 2. took in waist. added vintage pink lace to hem.
3. layered vintage off-white lace over pink
4. voila, final product = j'adore
5. perfect coupled with reclaimed silk/pearl necklace from nyc

friday i took 3 hours to indulge my creative spirit and it did me good. i hauled my sewing machine up to allison at bits of thread for a private lesson. wow, it's HEAVY! in addition, i brought a few pieces of lace, fabric, and clothing items to upcycle. we began with a tutorial on my machine that sat unused for a few years due to frustration and heaps of user error. boo. i'm now ready to test it out at home. alone. you know how cars always act up with you but not with the mechanic? i seem to have the same troubles with my sewing machines. fingers crossed. 

we pulled out mama's slip and vintage lace and decided to start there. after taking it from a M/L to a S, we added lace layer by layer. i love the final product and plan to rock it today on the train to west virginia with a 2in1 chemise and pink ballet flats post yin yoga. perf memorial day weekend outfit!

wishing you moments of creativity this weekend. mwah.

bisous. x

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Tim Mooney said...

I'll be there to take a picture of you in your cool new outfit when you get off the train!

LiziLifeCoach said...

I've had a brand new sewing machine my Dad bought me in the 1990 still unused LOL I don't know how to tread it LOL But I'd love to learn how to sew BOO

☮ MoonGoddess ☮ said...

Oh, how fun and what a great idea to take lessons! I grew up sewing with my Mom and sisters but haven't really sewn anything in the last ten years. My boyfriend got me a new sewing machine for Christmas two years ago and I have yet to use it. I'm signing up today.