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Friday, May 27, 2011

week in review

week in review: 
dyed blue organic cotton tees noir
subbed 2 yoga classes
shared GREAT article on upcycling with team
hosted teacher team weekend retreat at le beau's cabin
roasted + consumed smores
rushed bonnard to emergency vet
1 gym jaunt (yay cardio)
took 4 yoga classes
was asked to consider joining pigs animal sanctuary board (yipee!)
manager meetings
5 teacher sub interviews
rested most of monday
prepped for today's private sewing class
2 MSW classes
yoga on le beau's deck
got a massage
was told "hurry up gramma" by a bike messenger as my pink cruiser pedaled by (sigh)
set up sewing workshops with n street village
worked with designer on 2 upcoming event fliers (see above + save dates)
worked with webmaster for updates to (awaiting finalization)
shipped TranquiliT orders

weekend wishlist:
visit beloved walter at pig sanctuary
savor train journey from dc to west virginia
art journal
sun salutations in the woods
write, write, write
yin yoga
continue to ponder summer schedule
secure ny apartment for week in august
work on france retreat

et toi? what's on your wishlist this long weekend?

bisous. x

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Rachel said...

Oh Kimberly I am always getting yelled at for cycling like a grandma! What can I say? I like to take it slow :)

kimberly wilson said...

ha, rachel! i'm still stunned. being called "grandma" is a new one, but i honestly can't go any faster uphill on a cruiser! x