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Sunday, April 03, 2011

things i love

photo courtesy of stylehog

1. seventies glam style

photo courtesy of p.s. i made this

2. this inspiring DIY endeavor

photo courtesy of style hive

3. vintage bloomers

4. cherry blossoms

5. sweet potato fries

6. vintage fringed macrame bag w/ wood handles (merci etsy)

photo courtesy of rufflesnlace
7. lacy capri pants = fab for yoga + street

8. opi nail color "suzi skis in the pyrenees"

 image courtesy of yoga journal

9. beloved baddha konasana = bliss

photo courtesy of

10. sterling silver "carrie" necklace

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Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Fantastic list! Love the handmade clutch, though I probably woulnd't be able to pull it off because I am a total craft-dummy ;-)

Linda said...

Adore the black petticoat capri pants! What a fantastic find!

Olivia said...

Love the accessories in the first pic - great purse, hat and sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

I love the carrie necklace (my parents gave me one with my name in the same style a few birthdays back because of my love of sex and the city even though i am a bit more of a charlotte than a carrie!)x