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Saturday, April 02, 2011

today's DIY project

in an effort to deliver on orders of beautiful out of stock black tees (and soon-to-be discontinued design = le sigh), i decided to buy up all i could in my fave organic cotton tunic tee and take matters into my own hands (courtesy of my washing machine). over the course of the day i've gone through 5 bottles of rit dye and my ocean blue organic cotton tees have turned navy. ok, more bottles. now they have splashes of dark black co-mingled with coal black. uh oh. here's hoping my 5th bottle is a charm. thank goodness there were oodles of great instructions online (see print out to right of tee). send good solid noir thoughts. 

yours in DIY. x

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1 comment:

Vintage Butterfly said...

sending noir thoughts and prayers, as I only wear noir and I have been lusting for my tranquiliT tee...:) Hope all goes well.