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Monday, April 04, 2011

monday musings: dreams o' spring

while rockin' out 3 of my 4 papers due this week and dyeing oodles of organic cotton tees,
i took some time to ponder spring goals. sitting in the springtime sunshine, i pulled out a juicy couture ad (best boho meets emotion ads), my sharpie, and my planner pad to peruse what was on the horizon. above is a snippet of what is in store for me now through my june 30 birthday.

this season offers oodles of possibility, fresh air, and transformation. 
what's on your horizon? 

bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

This spring I would like to...
Contact some people about volunteering for causes really close to my heart!
Launch a new blog, one that I will team up with some other people on.
Create a Manifesto
Plant some new succulents, maybe herbs too?
Reconnect to my spiritual practice, I think by putting meditation in the "mix"
Gain clarity on my business i want to start and hopefully find a mentor and or group to share the journey with!

LiziLifeCoach said...

I heart how goal oriented you are! You are such a great role model. xo

Katherine said...

Love goal setting. This spring my focus is growing the sweet baby girl in my belly. It's amazing how all else has melted away and that has truly become my one spring goal.

Shannon said...

My spring is all about starting fresh - since I'm moving again: from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. I'm going through that wonderful process of reorganizing, throwing out (or giving away) things I don't use or wear, and resetting goals now that I'm embarking on a new adventure in my career. It's been very freeing. I can't wait to find my new home and start decorating again. Spring has definitely sprung.

kimberly wilson said...

what fun dreams. thank you for sharing! many are ongoing, but great to begin to connect with what is lying within and craving to come forth! x