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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

TranquiliT spring 2011 sneak peek

here's a look at our TranquiliT spring 2011 new designs including 
a 10inch lengthened cardi now coined the cardi-wrap. 

the new pieces are: 
cowl neck tunic
super long skirt dress w/ side slits
lounge gown
hoodie tunic
coocoon cardi

and, of course, your favorite staples.

the new collection launches late march with oodles of fun options that will allow you to custom 
choose colours and more! to become even more green, items will be made to order and 
made upon order by my oh-so-talented local seamstress.

why TranquiliT?
locally designed + sewn
we plant 150 trees per month
made of rayon from organic bamboo
we donate to organizations that support women's creativity: nest + tranquil space foundation
perfect for mixing + matching = comfy, chic, tranquil dressing

shine on. happiest of wednesdays to you. x

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Kirsten said...

Bon jour Kimberly,

Oh my, some really fun pieces. I especially love the hoodie tunic and cardi-wrap. The pieces would be so much fun to travel with.


Gina said...

Merci! I've been crossing my fingers that custom colors would be available one day! Hooray!

lovewantneeditnow said...

L O V E the hoodie tunic!

Unknown said...

Excited about the colors and new pieces!!

Yvonne said...

LOVE them all! And you wear them all well, Kimberly.

Bunnysan said...

I need the hoodie tunic!!!

kimberly wilson said...

so delighted you like the new pieces. a few more forthcoming and fabulous colours for you to choose from. x

Anonymous said...

So exciting...I can't wait to see the colors. I love love the hoodie tunic too. Some great additions to your collection.

J said...

Great Kimberly! Love them all. :)