Tuesday, March 01, 2011

online book club launch

you asked for it, we're making it happen.
today is the launch of our online book club 
and you chose the book living your yoga: finding the spiritual in everyday life by judith lasater.

look for the "online book club" heading at the lower right of tranquility du jour 
under the listing of my websites. click on it throughout the month to be taken to this post.

to launch, here are a few questions for you to ponder:
1. how am i finding the spiritual in everyday life?
2. what does living my yoga look like?
3. how does this practice affect my relationships with others?
4. where do i see opportunities to grow my practice deeper?

to grow, consider responding to these questions, posting your own questions, and responding to others' comments. please ensure this is a safe space to share experiences, joys, and struggles with fellow like-minded femmes around the globe.
namaste. x

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darlingcoquette said...

lol, this will be perfect, as I already have this book, but have yet read it! Now I have a good reason! :) Where do we post about the book club again? I think this is a wonderful idea!

darlingcoquette said...

Of course right after I asked...I found it! :)

Claire said...

such a great idea ... cant wait to get into this book (downloading it to my ipad as we speak!) much love xoxo

Gina said...

How wonderful! I've been eyeing this book in the bookstore, and now I'm justified in buying it!

Angela {Phit Chicks} said...

Excellent choice! Judith is one of my favorite teachers of teachers.

Claire said...

"My life is a work in progress"

Wyokemia said...

my book is on the way! can't wait to join in on the discussion!

Alice said...

can't wait to get started reading it! x

Kat said...

My book just arrived, look forward to reading it and joining the discussion!

Emily said...

The Self-Judgment chapter has spoken truest to me so far. Did anyone else find this passage to be the incredible perspective-shifter that I did?

"If you expect more from yourself than from others, you are saying that you are better than others and, therefore, must perform at a superior level. I do not mean that you should not set goals for yourself. Rather, the question is, how do you react if you cannot meet these goals? Honestly admitting that you may not have done your best is not judgment. It is judgment when you draw a conclusion about yourself based on your ideas about failure." (p. 24)

Also, Sell the Goat (p. 37). Love it.

Yogadiva said...

Emily--I haven't yet made it to the self-judgment chapter (I'm reading a chapter a day, and I just finished chapter 3 about "Letting go"), but the quote you posted is very thought-provoking. I am sure this will be one of the chapters that most resonates with me. I actually just wrote a blog post this morning that was all about self-compassion! Why does it seem to be such a battle to let go of self-judgment?!?

I loved the idea in the "Discipline" chapter about discipline being, "doing what was possible with consistency" and to, "Do what you can and do it fully." I'll be taking these ideas into the beginning of the week with me, for sure!

I'm looking forward to continuing to share ideas and insights and reading others' thoughts!



Ms. Tiffani said...

I am so excited for an online book club and this book is the perfect book to start off with! I picked it up at the library on Monday and cannot put it down.

Emily, it was very reassuring to read the chapter on self-judgement. I am starting a new chatper in my own life and at times judge myself because this is not what I "expected" in past.

Also, is this comment section actually where the conversation will be taking place?

kimberly wilson said...

oui, tiffani. the post announcing the month's book is where the discussion will take place for our online book club. enjoy + let your experience unfold here. x

jennifer said...

I've just finished chapter 3 as well and I like the idea of finding things you love to do and do them for a bit everyday. So my first thing I love to do is sketching and I don't do it enough,so I decided to set a timer for 15 Min. and go for it. It has helped me so far. I love it.
What is everyone else choosing?

cutestgoalie said...

Hi Jennifer, I also really loved that idea of just 15 minutes a day to focus on one particular thing. I am learning portuguese right now and I have decided to make that my one thing. I'm having to cheat a bit because some days it definitely takes longer than 15 minutes to finish an assignment. But I think the general idea of it, for the rest of the days, is fantastic! So loving this book!!! The book club and this book have come at exactly the right time in my life!

Wyokemia said...

Hi everyone! My book just recently arrived in the mail, so I'm a little delayed in joining in the discussions. Like Leslie, I'll likely be reading 1-2 chapters a day in hopes of taking it all in. In Chapter 1, pgs 4-5 really stood out to me. The whole concept of "our humanness, complete with our strengths and our weaknesses, our successes and our failures...[using] ourselves to discover ourselves." really struck a chord with me. This really got me thinking b/c I see how it applies to life on the mat and off the mat (although I anticipate a major learning from the book will be to think more cohesively of living life on and off the mat). On the mat, sometimes I'm self-conscious because there are asanas I can't do and/or struggle with. Sometimes this leads me down the road of "wishing" that I was more flexible. But, when I let myself go down that road, I'm loosing sight of the incredible things my body IS doing and simply how great it feels to just be doing yoga - even through the struggles. Sometimes I do feel like I'm taking my body to new places - activating areas of my body that have been dormant and it feels great. Although the movements I'm doing may not be perfect (but, what is?), I'm using my body to discover my body and there's a lot of magic in that. This same concept applies to so many other things in life off the mat - so I find it so helpful to think through.

After reading chapter 1, I also want to explore coming up with a daily mantra. I imagine it being a bit longer than one short sentence like the examples in the book. Does it matter how long your mantra is - is it something that's intended to be short and sweet for a particular reason or can it be longer?

Looking forward to hearing more thoughts/insights from all of you as you progress in the book, too!

Leslie said...

I don't think it neccessarily matters how long your mantra is-- as long as you can remember it. I believe the idea behind mantras is that you say them, write them, think them enough that you truly internalize the thoughts and incorporate them into your belief systems!

I like to use a different mantra each week. This week mine is, "I'm worthy of abundance, and my life is abundantly full."

I'm enjoying reading everyone's thoughts!

take care,

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely creative souls!
I need to go over the mantra part a bit more as soon as I finish leaving this comment on Kimberly's questions to ponder.. Also in the part where she talks about making the list of things that you want to do or things you want to do but resist I have chosen to work on first is learning to just BE.. I always feel like I need to be doing something productive.. Stillness is something that makes me antsy but I know I need it and I can surely do it for 15 min a day ( I hope!)

1. how am i finding the spiritual in everyday life?
Daily short devotions, Daily Gratitude list mentally noted or in a journal.. I am working on finding some other things to put into my life.. but also actually creativity has been that for me as well.

2. what does living my yoga look like?
I am pondering this still, so far I can say I want it to look like living mindfully in all I do, being present and living with love and compassion for myself and for others.

3. how does this practice affect my relationships with others?
When I can show up as the fullest version of myself by practicing these ways and mindsets then that will domino to others..

4. where do i see opportunities to grow my practice deeper?
In sooo many ways. In my poses, dealings with my body and mind and with others.

This is a book I can see myself reading again..



Style File said...

For me starting with the minute I open my eyes before I get out of bed I think of all the things I am grateful for even the simplest things. It really helps set up the day with a positive intention. I have a few different mantras I love and they really have brought a shift for me. Find one that applies to your situation even if you change it everyday!

Wyokemia said...

Thx for the note, Leslie. I definitely want to explore mantras... I think it would be very personally powerful. It's great to hear how other people use them.

Really enjoying everyone's thoughts and insights.

Have a good night everyone, Wyokemia

Wyokemia said...

What spoke to me in chapter 2...

"I had interpreted discipline as quantity. I realized that I thought two hours of yoga practice indicated a disciplined life, whereas five minutes did not. In time, I came to realize her wisdom: Do what you can and do it fully."

Love this!

Also, the sample mantra: "There is enough time." at the end of the chapter caught my eye. It's so easy to feel like there's simply not enough time in the day, but this mantra affirms something different. It feels like going into the day with this affirmation would leave you with a different type of energy then focusing on feeling like there's not enough time. I definitely want to spend some time using this as a daily mantra.

jennifer said...

That's how I felt discipline was supposed to be also,that it should be hours of something, but than I realized that I don't end up doing very many of the things I love. I really like the mantra- There is enough time and also- I give myself fully to each moment. Has anyone chosen their difficult pose for chapter 4? I like the idea of not judging myself in the poses.

Cherie said...

I'm a bit behind as I just received my book on Saturday. (I always try to order used books from a couple of charitable organizations as it's good for the planet and expands my do-going.)

I want to begin having a daily mantra, one that sets the tone for the day. Also, I was surprised by the idea that attachment means giving up the way we think things should be and that it doesn't mean being uninterested. I do find life is less pleasant when I have expectations for things and then those expectations aren't met.

I'm trying to limit myself to a chapter a day so that I can really focus on the message that each one contains.

Lara said...

Wow, I didn't realise how much I would enjoy this book. Its fabulous and I really enjoy the bitesized chapters. I plan to read it in its entirety and then read it again with the exercises. In part this is because I am stretched to the limit in work at the moment doing 12-16 hour days and also because I think it will give me a better opportunity to really digest the meaning and really enjoy what I learn from each chapter. Instead of wanting to rush onto the next nugget of wisdom. I love the self judgement material.

Ms.Lee said...

Hello lovely creative souls!

I am excited to be reading this book it's so fitting for me right now in my life and keeps me mindful and happy. I love the mantras!

1. how am i finding the spiritual in everyday life?
Checking in with my body and mind each morning before my yoga practice, going to the 360 view rooftop in my apartment building each morning to pray and give thanks and see the marvelous mountains and the beauty in the early morning air, setting my intentions for the day, and recognizing the blessings I see in my life all throughout the day!

2. what does living my yoga look like? Being present in everything, being still each day, checking in with myself, and connecting with God each morning. Oh and deep belly breathing whenever I need it :)

3. how does this practice affect my relationships with others?
When I can show up, choose my words and actions wisely, and mentally saying "I love you" or "Bless you" to everyone, especially if they rattle my cage a bit!

4. where do i see opportunities to grow my practice deeper?
In being more present and more connected to source and others. It's a process.

All the best to everyone on this journey :)

jennifer said...

Hello everyone
Ms. Lee it sounds like you have a lovely place to go where you can pray and give thanks.

Right now the book is really helping me to slow down and have more patience also I want to write each of my favorite mantras on an index card and decorate it and keep them with me.

Style File said...

Ms.Lee, well said! I'm loving this book right now, my wedding is 10 days away! My intention is to stay grounded and connected to my source every day and that is helping me with my goal for my wedding day which is to be the calmest bride ever.

jennifer said...

congratulations on your upcoming wedding, a good time to try staying patient and calm.

almost done with the book a few more chapters, I had never heard of this book before and its been so amazing helping me be more campassionate and patient with people and situations.It has helped me connect more deeply to all the things I love doing. so many great practices and mantras. I hope to keep all of it in mind even when I'm finished reading it.

Claire said...

Am in seminyak, Bali on holidays at the moment and am just loving this book and doing the practice every day ... Only a few more chapters to go ... I'll be sad wen I've finished it
Much love

Claire said...

All of the comments are so encouraging and realizing I'm not the only one who struggles to just be happy in he moment and just be
Much love

Emily said...

Hi everyone,

Like Claire, I think that just reading everyone's comments is so inspiring and lovely. It is very nice and comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has difficulty just enjoying the little things day to day and being in the moment.

I just finished the book. The two chapters that spoke most to me were on self-judgment and success, which probably says something about me and my issues. It is clear that I need to work on NOT seeing success as an all-or-nothing achievement. I think my new favorite mantra (from the Success chapter, p. 133) is "I am willing to enjoy life." Now, the challenge is to remember all the little nuggets of wisdom from the book throughout my days!

Anyway, thanks for all your comments - lookng forward to hearing what everyone else thinks as you finish the book!

Bunnysan said...

Sorry if I missed this, but has it been decided which book will be next month? It's only a couple of days, and I missed out on this one, so I want to make sure I get the next one in time!

Anonymous said...

Finished the book yesterday. Love it. Did everyone do the practices? I did some of them but highlighted a bunch of them to go back to later. I will be referencing the bookmarks and highlights I made.. So many quotable things in this book..
One of my favorite lines is in the Mantra in Faith..
"Faith is the quite cousin of courage" love it..

Bunnysan.. the new book has not been posted yet..

kimberly wilson said...

ladies, would LOVE your thoughts on our next book. i have a few ideas but am curious if you are super-duper excited about any particular topic: meditation, style, creativity, spirituality, small business. do tell. tomorrow it will be revealed! x

Emily said...

My votes are for something meditation/spiritually-minded. Thanks Kimberly! :)