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Thursday, March 03, 2011

the tranquility project

join moi a 4-week e-course launching march 9 and outlining ways to live fully, with tranquility, and a dash of flair. the four sessions focus on my favorite tranquility tools and are broken out into mind, body, soul, and a combo module.
after reading the book the happiness project, i wanted to play with a similar exploration of tranquility based on the various modes i've explored intently and created a life around over the past 12 years. despite the hectic pace at which most of us live, there is a desire for balance and peace at the core. this e-course will show you how to find tranquility while creating the life of your dreams in the process. spend a month basking in *new* ways to infuse tranquility into your everyday, reconnect with forgotten tools, and emerge inspired during the magical season of blooming.

intrigued and ready to bloom? peruse details here.

bisous. x

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Vintage Butterfly said...

I already signed up and can't wait to start!! :) I love this whole idea and March/Spring is a great time to infuse some new idea's into my path!

Desert Mermaid said...

I left this comment on a video you posted 7 months ago, but phooey, who is going to see that! I'm just enormously interested in knowing what type of book you are using for your art journal -- the size looks like perfection for me (my hands are gynormous;I HATE little books), and it seems to be able to expand to a seriously good capacity to hold lots of inserts and tip-ins.

Toni B.,