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Friday, December 31, 2010

week in review: au revoir 2010

bonjour from le beau's cabin in the woods. we returned from nyc at 3am this morning after a 7-hour sprint through the fabulous city. our efforts have turned 180 degrees to enjoy a few final moments of tranquility before the rush of 2011. ahhhh, fireside at the cabin.

our usual 4-hour bus ride to nyc took 7 hours. i've never seen such crazy traffic and the city was absolutely electric. still recovering from the crazy snowstorm, hoards of tourists, and filled to the brim. note le beau and i at the start of the bus journey (top photo) filled with such excitement - no idea the craziness that was to ensue (sitting 1 hour outside the lincoln tunnel). despite best laid plans for a 2-3 hour leisurely tea time at radiance tea house with amanda (2nd photo), we settled for a 45-minute cup of rose green tea at the jivamuktea cafe and quick catch up before i hit the yoga mat. and oh how i needed the yoga mat! felt amazing after the laborious journey. then le beau, keith (a fellow jivamukti teacher training grad + beautiful aussie), and moi headed to pure food and wine for a 3-hour raw food sensory experience (bottom 6 photos) topped off with chamomile rose tea. wowza, what a treat and we saw kathy griffin. um, that doesn't happen everyday. whew, 7 hours a la new york!

finale week in review 2010:
- wrote muse for tranquil space january newsletter
- wrote experience of weekend with sarah susanka at kripalu
- recorded end of year review vlog
- organized chez moi
- fell in love with instagram
- wrote + mailed oodles of merci beaucoups
- picked out goodies with amazon gift cards
- finished first book on my new kindle during loonnnggg bus ride: the power of less
- began reading second book on kindle: revised edition of 4-hour work week
- interviewed for red dress studios podcast with ana ottman
- shipped TranquiliT orders
- paid oodles of business bills
- 11 hours on bus to and from new york
- 7 hours in new york = tea time, jivamukti yoga, and raw food dining w/ dear friends
- heaps of slumbering and i mean heaps. think i was doing some serious catch-up!

i'm full of gratitude for another amazing year full of challenges, growth, and abundance. le beau and i discussed how 2011 had to be quieter as there is no book tour, surgery, or studio build-out on the horizon! brought strappy heels, sequin beanie, and spring TranquiliT samples to rock fireside tonight and debating a nap so that i can stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to see the ball drop.

wishing you and yours a magical, sparkly conclusion to 2010. this is going to be a *good* year! sip some bubbly or sparkling pamplemousse rose perrier and bask in a fresh start. merci beaucoup for joining me on this journey of life. it's a joy to be connected. bisous.

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Lara said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. You are so full of inspiration! Like you I am sending 2010 out with a smile and full of gratitude, while looking forward to 2011!

kimberly wilson said...

bonne année, dear lara. may 2011 sparkle for you and yours! xx