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Sunday, December 26, 2010

i heart my kindle

santa was very kind to me this year and delivered a kindle with a beautiful pink case. um, i'm obsessed. think i'll take this everywhere now. if you see me, lipgloss, planner pad, laptop, ideas book, kindle, keys, credit cards, parfum, and eyeliner will be in tow. 

i've downloaded 2 classic books i've read and loved plus a new book the power of less: the fine art of limiting yourself to the essential in business and life by leo babauta that i've been eyeing for awhile. loving it.

santa delivered: glittery silver nail polish, cupcake chocolates, a pink bike, this beautiful kindle,
heaps of amazon credit (which i began using with 3 art journal books, 
LUSH gift card, plus oodles of generous tokens and treats along the way.

i feel blessed. very, very blessed. lots of treats for the senses and artistic play. 
now tell me, what did santa bring you? hopefully, a moment to rest and reflect.
you deserve it, it's been quite the year!


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Helen said...

I got one as well. I am already so in love with it. I continue to relish the feel of a bound book, but had to admit that carrying two or three around with me was insane.

My case is pink but a bit darker. Such joy in a small package.

kimberly wilson said...

indeed, such joy in a small package. love that i can carry my library with me! xx

Sallie Ann said...

Santa asked me if I wanted a Kindle, but I love writing and highlighting in books. Will love to hear how you enjoy yours.

I got new sheets, a drafting table (for my new design studio..yeah!), World Market gift certs, opera-lenth black gloves, and a new Rozanne Gold cookbook. So wonderful!

Happy and healthy last days of 2010! Can't wait for your teleclass.

Vicki said...

I got a couple of adorable notebooks from my husband, a Kitchenaid in "ice blue"--it's gorgeous, a kona color card with swatches of all their solid fabrics, sierra club calendar. The family got xbox + kinect and our new tv will arrive this week too. Oh yeah, my kids got me super mario galaxy 2 for the wii :) xo

kimberly wilson said...

i hear you, sallie ann. i resisted for well over a year as i, too, adore underlining all my favorite quotes. however, i can do it on my kindle, too. not quite the same, but i'm embracing change and loving that i don't have to read it with a pen in hand! hope you had a happy hollyday, love. xx

kimberly wilson said...


indeed. choosing which books to pack is always the most challenging decision when i travel! this will help alleviate that concern. i'll probably carry a physical book too but this will limit toting 10. enjoy yours! xx

Jessica said...

My favorite present is a Wii! I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, and so getting out in the cold and wet (I'm on the west coast of BC, so it's always raining here) to get my exercise isn't always practical for the little one. I can work out in a fun way inside now though!

Book store gift cards and lots of yarn and knitting books also made it under my tree, yay!

Gina said...

I received a Kindle as well. Additionally, I receive the cookbook Vegan Yum Yum, as well as gift cards for: Macy's, Sephora, Teavana, and Starbucks.

MommyTanya said...

I love your case! Can I ask what brand it is? All I can find are magenta pink ones and I'd really like a soft pink case. Thanks!

kimberly wilson said...

m-edge is the brand. found it on amazon. it's more raspberry than the picture showed it to be and has served me well all year! x