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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

chez moi organizing day un

oodles of hours later, here's my first take on organizing heaps of well worn ballet flats and tall boots (shabby chic over the door shoe hanger next to front door for easy access and no dirt tracking - bottom image), tons of sparkly pink and noir scarves on a belt hanger hung over mirror (2nd to bottom image), pinning necklaces and earrings to pink peg board and flower pins to ribbon hung from back of loo door (4th and 5th image). pleased with the process. tons to go. um, you should see my dining room table and floor nearby where the displaced items are currently in waiting. 
more to come. yay for organizing!

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Anonymous said...

lovely, good for you. I have probably a years worth of organizing to do. I am working on defining what simplifying means to me and taking small actions at the moment..
Love the jewelry display and the stacks of books!

Art and Clasp said...

Ooh I am inspired. I see my necklaces on your jewelry display! I think I need to make one of those. How nice to know you'll be starting the new year so clean and organized!

kimberly wilson said...

indeed, a day of organizing goes a LONG way! it's amazing how out of sorts our space becomes over the course of a few months. small touches work wonders to regain control of chaos and live tranquilly! bonne année, my loves! xx