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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i. heart. pamplemousse rose perrier. (+ procrastinate)

here i am touting my latest love at the greenfestival last weekend. love, love, love.

busily writing my 2 papers due . . . this afternoon. um, since when did i become ms. procrastination? 

to top it off, at greenfestival 2 ladies joining moi in india mentioned needing a birth certificate to get their visas. oops, i filled out the visa paperwork but didn't note the birth certificate and haven't sent it in yet. soooo, mama doesn't have my birth certificate and oklahoma's expedited service is 2 weeks. hmm, that's when i leave for india! so, mama is off to the records office in oklahoma city to get my birth certificate so i can apply for my 10-year india visa. clearly, this procrastination thing is becoming a problem, eh? 

ok, back to writing today's paper. in the interim, lit milk candle, empty mug of zen tea, and sleeping pug on lap all accompany me on this journey today. procrastination smocrastination.

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Sarah said...

You could call my house procrastination station on many days.

kimberly wilson said...

dearest analyst, happy to hear i'm in good company! xx