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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

self-care secret

been tracking my time, et toi? um, apparently i work more than i thought. will be interesting to tally the hours at the end of the week. think i need overtime or sOMe sort of raise. will talk to my boss!

listening to a little tori amos while blogging and prepping to hit the gym. my pre-op (to ensure i'm healthy enough to undergo anesthesia) appointment with my doctor yesterday showed that i'd gained 5lbs and lost .5 inches. um, yikes! to the gym i go.

i found the above photo and thought it exuded the ideal image of self-care: donning noir and reading while lounging in a white chaise. perfection.

what does *self-care* look like to you? for me it's hot baths with LUSH products, naps, tea sipping, boundary setting, moisturizer, succulent summer fruit, journal writing, exercise, yoga, meditation, taking classes on exciting topics, lots of sleep, lit candles, and surrounding myself with positive people to name a few.

considering this week consists of:
finals (after tomorrow, done with my first year of MSW!), moving studio spaces, prepping to leave town for 2 weeks, surgery appointments, hosting a bebe shower, shipping oodles of TranquiliT (40% off sale through friday: code SUMMERTIME), overseeing the fall TranquiliT photo shoot - oh and the other daily to-dos, i'm loving the notion of self-care and doing all i can to infuse small doses of it.

exhibit A: off the gym with a belly full of chickpeas and naan. yum!

THAT is the secret. add it where you can. treat yourself to a container of cut watermelon. go to bed early. get a pedicure.

your soul will thank you.


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Arwa said...

I was looking at my log earlier today and realized the same thing! But does how does this factor since we love our work/businesses?

Caren said...

Congrats on completing your first year Kimberly! What a great accomplishment. CELEBRATE no academic reading... if only for a month :) I have 10 more sleeps of school myself...


Unknown said...

So true! I need to pamper myself a little after all this work. What is an MSW? Masters in...?


kimberly wilson said...

elexa - it's a master's in social work!

caren - yay, savor those 10 sleeps. kudos to you, too!

arrs - our bosses are hardcore! :)


Rachel said...

I probably work too much as well! I'm going to start tracking my time in September (August is always a strange month for me as I tend not to teach so it looks like I have more time than I actually do!)

My self-care list is very similar to yours with Nag champa insence, cuddles from kitties and Himself, pedicures and roses.


Sarah said...

I was not surprised that you work more than you thought. But in a way, it probably isn't so bad, since you love (okay, not the papers) your work!

I adore the photo! So chic!

Katrin said...

Oh, what a great question to think about! My self-care secrets are: cooking and eating healthy food, autogenic training, scrapbooking/visual journaling, looking a movie without distraction (rarely moment at home), being outside in a wood (walking, breathing, simply just being)

Vivian said...

Love this picture! Inspired me to choose a cup of tea, face mask and foot soak over laundry after my kids were energizing! Thanks for reminding me to recharge!