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Saturday, July 24, 2010

168 hours = # of hours in 1 week

bike, books, + work in the pink palace

are you like the majority of people who respond "busy" when asked "how are you?" yikes, me too! i want this to change.

for years i've wondered where my time went. i've tried to note time like i did in my paralegal days, but lose track within moments. when i came across laura vanderkam's book 168 hours: you have more time than you think during a book browsing session in vancouver recently, i was enamored. really, i have more time than i think? yay!

i'll be interviewing her on the tranquility du jour podcast shortly and began reading her book this week. i'm 55 pages in and LOVE it so far. lots to ponder.

a few takeaways that i wanted to pass along and encourage you, too, to reflect upon:

- 168 hours - 50ish hours of work/week - 63 hours of sleep/week (9/night) = 55 hours of "other" time. where is it going?

- i plan to begin recording my time (for real this time!) using her handy grid.

- classify your time into categories such as personal care, household activities, leisure (includes TV), exercise, caring for household members, purchasing goods or services, working and work-related activities, exercise. break into subcategories, where applicable, to gain better insights.

- focus on your core competencies - those things you do better than anyone else and enjoy. grrr. i'm still trying to figure these out. do you know yours?

- list your 100 dreams - things you'd like to do during your lifetime. also called a "bucket list." i've started one and plan to add more to mine soon.

wanna join moi in filling out the spreadsheet? i plan to do it and post it to keep me accountable. seriously, this has been a big focus this year yet i carry the to-do over and over each week in my planner pad.

remember there is *no* typical week so, yes, i'm starting mine in the midst of finals, a studio move, and while prepping to do a 2-week texas book tour.

will you indulge with me? all you have to lose is lack of clarity on where your time goes!


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Rachel said...

Yes yes yes, count me in! Some days I feel I work longer hours now as a yoga teacher than when I worked in law. I wonder if that is because one tracks all one's minutes in law? Hmmmm interesting. I certainly wonder where my missing 50 hours go... I'm in!!! Will blog about it later in the week.

Anonymous said...

I'm in too! This should be very interesting!

Sarah said...

Something I ask myself quite frequently, but at time I am honest and recognize my "time-wasters." Ironically, I have told myself in the past, "think of how much Kimberly accomplishes with her time."

kimberly wilson said...

theanalyst, you are too sweet. interestingly enough, there is *always* a way to more efficient with your time, eh? it's good to identify time wasters and i'm loving tracking time thus far! xx