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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

an image to inspire

goddess leonie (a soon-to-be interviewed for tranquility du jour diva) posted this fabulous illustration on her blog yesterday. i *adore* it and thought you would, too!

interestingly enough, i had beau take a photo of these 12 tips with his iPhone while browsing leo babauta's book the power of less: the fine art of limiting yourself to the essential . . . in business and in life recently at the bookstore.

look at the comparison - hers makes doing less more fun and colourful! take a moment to reflect on what you could cut out or how you can simplify, rather than what you need to do. which of these 12 tips can you commit to?

moi, i'm continuing to work on the morning ritual and my MITs for the day. i currently do them for the week, but like the concept of doing them each day, too!

this year's mantra of spaciousness is seeping into a strong desire for simplification.

life is frittered away by details. simplify, simplify. - thoreau

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Globetrotting Cacti said...

Love this list. Going to print out and stick on my noticeboard. Desperately need to simplify my daily routine (and be reminded of how to do this....).

Sarah said...

I love the list! Printed it out to hang at my office. # 4 is going to be difficult. I check email way to much.

Pink Heels said...

Goddess Leonie is truly one of a kind. I loved interviewing her for the women entrepreneur spotlight on the Pink Heels blog. She is an amazing woman whose spirit is filled with so much peace and kindness. I can't help but want to travel to Australia just to attend her workshops!