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Monday, April 27, 2009

cotton candy + parissiane + do-gooding

the weekend artist date to philly was a total treat filled with sights, scents, tastes, art, and architecture. truly decadent.

first we hit cezanne and beyond exhibit, saw the rocky stairs, and dined on the most delightful mozzarella + tomato croissant that was infused with olives. passed the rodin museum where i snapped a photo of the thinker. hit a bookstore. found naughty paris: a lady's guide to the sexy city and decided i had to have two books she recommended: true pleasures: a memoir of women in paris and all you need to be impossibly french. both felt like must-have pre-paris reads. next we did some shopping in rittenhouse square to get beau a belated holiday gift. came across LUSH and had to get some bath bombs - a girl can never have too many. picked up the versatile le sac dress from american apparel for some design inspiration. wore it as a one shoulder piece the rest of the weekend. back to the hotel to freshen up and off to white dog cafe for an organic, local meal. sesame crusted tofu is highly recommended! sadly, their sister store black cat was closed.

dined at a lovely outdoor cafe at rittenhouse square for brunch. took note that i need to make sunday brunch more of my regular routine. post-ashtanga, maybe? i indulge a couple times a year and it feels like such a treat. it was fun to observe ladies in their sunday best out to partake in a luxurious lunch. next stop, sephora. another every few years indulgence. got some tinted moisturizer (hate heavy make-up feeling, but this provides light coverage + sunscreen), a beautiful red called "illicit raspberry," (tantalizing name, eh?), and the scent "pink sugar." stopped into anthropolgie to see what books they had in stock. they have the best books! snapped a photo of the darling bedding area. on to a yummy facial (thanks, beau!) and finally a picnic on a leopard-print blanket along kelly drive in fairmount park.

obsessed with the smell + taste of cotton candy. came across a bunny at LUSH in the scent candy fluff. OMG, truly divine! the sales lady saw i was over the moon about it so she gave me a sample of the dusting powder. plan to bathe in the pink easter bunny infused candy fluff bliss before crawling into bed tonight - despite the ungodly hour. topped the obsession off with a bag of cotton candy in three hues at the gas station on our way home. cotton candy to eat, bathe in, and wear!
during the ride home i did my reading for monday's creative non-fiction class which covered interviews, travel writing, and memoir. our text is on writing well. highly recommend it! also listened to passion and purpose: the power of conscious capitalism by the CEO of whole foods. inspiring! he shares that businesses and entrepreneurs shine best when infusing values, authenticity, sustainability, and giving back into their work. my mission is to do all i can to embody these ideals. truly touching to see the impact one can have!

now, off to bathe in a pink, cotton candy-smelling oasis.

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Lynne from NY said...

What a fun weekend! Tell Beau we love the video.

Wonderful weather, so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Pink Sugar has become my signature fragrance the last few years - we all need more vanilla/caramel/cotton candy in our lives :)

Melita said...

sounds like you had a blast!! really enjoy the pics & video! LOVED the "all you need to be impossibly french" book!! one of the best of that type of books that i have found. put the others in my ever growing amazon wish list.

Naturally Jules said...

What a wonderful weekend! Loved your video!

Trish said...

I found your podcasts, and have been listening to them whenever I can on my ipod-I love it!! I don't do yoga, but I do have some videos around somewhere, that I bought long ago-I am going to hunt them up and dust them's time to try it (there's no classes or anything around where I love, so video will have to do)
thanks for the great inspiration!