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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

something to say?

after a challenging morning -- where i had intentions of meditating and writing in my journal, only to have them thwarted by numerous challenges (i know, i know "opportunities") -- i met with my lovely assistant. my throat began its gurgling and she told me that she'd researched it. as an aspiring naturopath, she read that it is the result of anger and a repressed desire to express it. gasp! do i have something to say that i'm not admitting to? sure there are numerous frustrations on a daily basis but there are also numerous joys - that's where i need to focus. anger is not an emotion that i would own on a regular basis. but, maybe, just maybe my assistant is on to something. gotta journal about this one!

i did a podcast this morning with someone you are going to LOVE. he wrote the why cafe and shared amazing inspiration. he reminded me of the importance of making sure that i feel fulfilled each and every day. when dealing with some of the transitions and "opportunities" in my life, it can be challenging to remember such wisdom when all i want to do is get through the day-to-day frustrations. finding joy among the painful struggles can be a daunting task. ensuring that i stay focused on the big picture, aware of my reactions, and mindful of what passion led me to where i am is critical. i think you, too, will find this particular podcast invokes a state of reflection.

in the meantime, tell me, do you have something to say that lies beneath? i'll ponder with you.

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Amanda said...

I can relate to this because for a long time - excuse the grossness - my acid reflux would cause me to lose my voice for periods of time. I always felt like the symbolism was too strong to ignore - that the stress in my life was causing me to sacrifice my voice ('voice' in the figurative, not just literal, sense of the word).

Good luck with your journaling and reflecting on this....