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Friday, November 09, 2007

friday festivity

here's a sneak preview at my spring design plans for 2008. fall debuted a little late so i sat down with my assistant today to pull together my must-haves for a sassy spring.

the top left piece is a brand new design that can be worn as a long skirt or full tube dress; we threw a belt around it for fun and LOVED it! i've been wanting a long, yummy, flowy piece forever and this is the perfect one.

the next piece is fall's grecian tunic sans sleeves in a juicy shade of blue.

last featured piece is the newly designed wrap top in a succulent tangerine color. the first wrap top that i did in 2004 stayed with us for many seasons. this one is a new twist on this staple piece. there are a few more pieces including a batwing tunic dress and a kimono sleeve wrap. can't wait to unveil it in 2008!

another night at home. picked bonnard (chubby, grouchy, black cat) up from his surgery (pimple removal) and all went well. he's pimple free and they'll check it with a pathologist next week. did a podcast with jessica porter of hip chick's guide to macrobiotics. you'll love this one, too. all sorts of good ones coming your way! a few fun meetings and then took a lovely 2-hour restorative workshop at the studio tonight and it was divine. yum!

two recent mentions in the blog world that i've been made aware of and had to share:

1. graffitipink
2. indyish

on graffitipink, i came across this great quote by the fabulous gloria steinem: "a liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after." it made me smile.

the weekend promises yoga, writing time, and some creative license thanks to unstructured time. i'm delighted. may you carve out some unstructured time this weekend to laugh, read, write, dance, and be. au revior.

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Anonymous said...

ooh... i'm pretty darn excited for the spring line!

thanks for the shout-out! i'm not usually a stickler for typos on blogs, but we are indyish -- no extra d!

but i'm an offender too... as i once misspelled a filmmaker's name to resemble the unabomber!

kimberly wilson said...

gasp, thank you lise! wow, indydish made so much sense to me - dishing on indy things! :) nonetheless, i stand corrected and have edited the typo. glad it wasn't too blasphemous - like your unabomber mishap. funny!

miss you and montreal. hope to see you when i return in 2008. keep shining and wearing multiple hats. it keeps you blissfully creative - even if it is hard to answer "what do you do?" xo

LobotoME said...

love your spring line!

when is your fall/winter line going to be on

xo, J :)

Anonymous said...

miss you too kimberly! now that i think of it, the dishing of all things indyish does have a certain ring to it... ;)

everywhere i wear it, people are loving my fantastic new bamboo wrap top!

you're coming back in 2008!!

thank you for all your inspiration!w