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Monday, October 01, 2007

off to a cabin in loo-ray

after paying bills (never fun), writing some snail mail thank yous (always a treat), finishing some pending to-dos, getting the october tranquil space newsletter finalized (happy october!), and sending some last minute e-mails, i'm dashing off to the country for some writing and creative work. woo-hoo. serenity awaits.

i'll have limited online access while away but promise to touch base and share the journey any chance i get. it's supposed to be chilly so i plan to hole up in front of a warm fire with tons of tea, good books, gemstones for tranquilista, my computer, and pug on my lap. should be a refreshing week. back friday for some meetings and then up to long island for a wedding this weekend. sending you warm thoughts for an equally serene week among the typical to-dos.

had to share this darling photo of louis on my leopard-print yoga mat. he has an uncanny desire to be on the mat when i am - right in the center. makes updog a bit tricky.

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Amanda said...

Cosmo always wants to be on the mat with me when I practice at home, too!

Anonymous said...

hi kimberly! lovely photos! i am thinking of getting a kitten...but I travel for work a lot. how do you make sure your kitties are okay when you travel so much?

Anonymous said...

umm, a cabin, away from it ALL, a/fireplace, books & louie.....sweeeeet

yogajunkie said...

My cat does the same thing! I thought she was the only one..... guess the bliss is infrectous :)

Anonymous said...

I took have a pet who likes to be in the center of my yoga mat when I'm practicing...however, mine is a 75 pound labrador retriever!

Anonymous said...

to respond to the person who asked about kitties and travel - i have the same issue...i recommend making friends with someone who also has pets so that you can swap taking care of each other's animals while away. since cats are pretty independent and don't much mind the alone time like dogs, just having someone check in on them to feed them and scoop the boxes each day should be fine.

Anonymous said...

Olive and I now have our own yoga mats...she was always positioning herself right under my up dog as well. Her fav pose is cobra!

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April said...

My cat will jump on my back during plank/stick. I think he waits, but it happens every time.

My pup doesn't know what to think.