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Saturday, October 06, 2007

post cabin musings

happy friday night/saturday morning!

got home from loo-ray around 2:30pm, headed to a 3 consultant meeting (after a quick shower and wrapping of gifts in leopard-print tissue + handwritten thank you notes - can't show up empty handed), then to get my hair highlighted (got keep those highlights highlighted), next to see into the wild in bethesda (cried, cried, cried - read the book!), and finally home around midnight. i leave tomorrow for a black tie wedding on long island. should be lovely - home sunday night.

my week was a blur. how can 4 lovely days in the country go so quickly? i ran 3 out of the 4 days - good choice considering i'm running a half marathon next weekend. most people are tapering their training right now, i'm just kicking it up into a higher gear. yikes! i answered some questions on meditation for the lovely "creating miss perfect," caught up on numerous e-mails offline (we'd do a quick drive-by in town on occasion to download and send), watched some of fight club (genius story but i decided i'd rather read one of my books once the blowing up stuff started), watched the sun set over the valley (picture shown), went through about 25 magazines and WWD papers, added design ideas to my TranquiliT design notebook, came up with a next series idea for my column in the examiner, slept a ton, had good girlfriend chat time with my BFF, did a 4.6 mile hike in the shenandoah mountains (3 pics shown), made some edits to the tranquilology proposal, saw deer and turtles (LOVE turtles), daydreamed about getting a cozy and quaint weekend cottage in the country, and warmed myself in front of the fire before the temperature returned to the 80s.

full of pensive thoughts this evening. more to come once i get 'em processed. i hope your weekend is off to a divine start.

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