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Saturday, September 29, 2007

what's simmering on saturday

after a day of studio fun and a week of non-stop scheduled activities, it's odd to have space b/w my team retreat and a night out dancing with girls from the studio. oh my gawd - 2 free hours! should i read, write in my journal, pay some bills, organize my desk, or sit back and chill? i don't have anything in my planner b/w 8-10pm so i feel a little disheveled. clearly, i have a problem! unscheduled time feels very foreign to me but i must confess that i kinda like the feeling. maybe i should schedule unscheduled time in my planner. now, i think i'm on to something. . .

after teaching on thursday nights for 8 years, i have decided to give up my class. i love teaching, but am finding that i need to focus on my own practice and would love a free night. i don't teach on mondays but usually have a tranquil space foundation meeting or hit the studio's yoga 3, so this opens up more creative space which i'm craving.

last night's hip hop yoga workshop was made even more fabulous by russell simmons attending! considering i have a *huge* professional crush on him, i was so excited. i often see him practicing at jivamukti when i'm in new york and it always makes me smile. he's vegan, a yogi, wears an "om" watch, AND a pioneer in hip hop. i love this non-stereotypical blend.

a blog reader and fellow tranquil spacer asked me today about my tranquilology proposal, saying, "i thought you already finished it?" i passed it along to my agent who had some edits and i need to incorporate them. had intended to do it in costa rica but never opened my computer (i note that with pride!). soooo, gotta carve out the space now. that's what is in store next week at the cabin - along with creating a creative plan (you know, like the scheduled nonscheduled space).

today's team retreat at the castle was amazing. i'm in awe over the growth from a tiny seed in a living room 8 years ago. we had 60+ team members there and each person is soooo special. photos to come. i had two lovely GWU MBA students work with me this summer to do a corporate culture study and they presented the results tonight, along with lots of other fun team building and self-exploration activities. of course, people can't leave without a goodie bag so we had 2 bags of yummy revolution tea (green tea or white pear) put into a skeleton, bat, or pumpkin treat bag for everyone to take home. you just can't have a party without a goodie bag!

gotta get dolled up for dancing. it's been way too long and i'm looking forward to a few hours out and about. dancin' shoes here i come.

yay for scheduled unscheduled time! genius, eh? wanna join me in the revolution?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly, I've been trying to catch up with your podcast all week - sadly (or kind of gladly cause I have so much more to go...) I'm on #31 but I've already learned so much about yoga, self-care, and, well, everything! I've never taken yoga, but I'm really into meditation and now can see how yoga will be a wonderful addition to my efforts.

Your podcast is awesome! Thank you for doing it! I'm a self-care/self-help nut too and I just finished Kimora Lee Simmon's book Fabulosity and she spoke about Russell Simmon's being a yogi and vegetarian. It was rather inspiring since he's soo diversified with his interests, I admire them both. That's cool he was in your class! Hmmm... Hip Hop Yoga, niice.

Well, keep on motivating!

*Amy Lee

Anonymous said...

That's wild. I was just reading about Russell Simmons and the Rush Foundation again last night. Glad the class went well!