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Thursday, September 27, 2007

post-mental health afternoon

the day began with typical e-mail drama that kept me computer bound for 2 hours. then the mental health excursion began. i had a lovely lunch with my BFF at rock creek, did some journal writing at a nearby bread baking shop, and headed to the movie theatre to see 2 days in paris. good flick and so delightful (and terribly indulgent) to watch a matinee on a thursday afternoon. i think i need to schedule that in more often. taught my yoga 3, had a few phone calls, and am now delighted to hop into my bed for some sleep.

sometimes i think that slowing down actually makes me more tired! funny how that happens, eh? you slow down and your body goes into shock. kinda like how we can get sick on vacation because we finally give our body a chance to rest.

tomorrow and the weekend are jam-packed with meetings, a team retreat, hip hop yoga (come out friday 7:30-9pm at tranquil space), a night of dancing with some fab girls, and a teacher meeting. next week will offer a respite as i dedicate some serious time to finishing my tranquilology book proposal and resting at a cabin in the mountains with beau, louis, my BFF, and her beau. always good to replenish and practice "being" rather than doing.

by the way, i did finally fall asleep after my green tea overdose. no more afternoons filled with 4 mugs! yikes! at least i know there are tons of good antioxidants in my system. god bless yummy green tea - especially chilled and sweetened on a warm day.

may you take a mental health moment and savor oodles of decaffeinated green tea.

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