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Saturday, May 05, 2007

saturday feels like monday

it's so funny to have a day off and then get thrown back into the mix on saturday. we're all a bit off when it comes to what day or date it is. we're half way over which is shocking. it's gone by so quickly, yet feels like it's been months since i had my "normal" routine (as if any of us really ever have normal).

i woke up yesterday to beau calling the front desk asking for a late check-out. i was in deep slumber at 10am. it was great to see him but so hard as it was very brief (he left at 3 to fly out of jfk for the west coast). it's particulary challenging to go back and forth between realities (yoga intensive + beau in town). i napped (so decadent) and then headed back into town to meet up with a fabulous author and friend, jeff davis. we'd never met, only communicated via e-mail and phone since 2004 so it was lovely to spend 4 overs over dinner sharing yoga, writing, and creativity stories. watch for a podcast with him coming soon!

today i did laundry for the first time and it is very liberating. yay for clean garments. we have a mid-term on monday and i have sooo much to memorize before then. numerous sanskrit and philosophy terms. i'm good on the asanas, but the other terms are not part of my regular vocabulary. we discussed the three types of students and teachers today: sattvic, ragasic, and tamasic. we also began a new practice focused on backbends and i was able to get into a crazy backbend for the first time because we were led into it from the ground up - so much less scary.

according to krisnamacharya there are 3 things that make a good teacher:
1. lineage connection - part of a lineage and acknowleges it. (vinyasa comes from his lineage)
2. practice - must have a regular practice to inform own teaching.
3. sincere love of other people.

for dessert last night i indulged in a dairy-filled root beer float. it was sooo divine. looks like i'll slowly be moving towards veganism and will probably just try to cut dairy down to start. my body feels incredibly light and energized from our amazing food here. and boy does it help to just have it prepared and waiting for you. i'm most surprised by my lack of a sweet tooth. this is a profound change that i hope will become the norm. toodles. off to satsang with my light-colored shawl!

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