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Thursday, May 03, 2007

spiritual activism

today has been lovely. meditation, discussion of the chant shantih, shantih, shantih, and on to assist and be assisted (without taking hands off) for the entire practice. lovely and challenging experience. those who teach, i highly encourage you to try this - especially if you work with private clients. it's divine!

then we had a chat on spiritual activism. i found a few sites during a quick google search but nothing that really stuck. a great example of a spiritual activist is julia butterfly hill (among many others). considering last night's film, we all had many questions on this and i look forward to exploring it more in future blogs and podcasts. margaret mead reminds us to "never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." what small changes can you begin making to live more green (so hip right now) and to be a spiritual activist to whatever cause is close to your heart? BIG question!

then pranayama and all the subtleties of it (my head is still spinning).

now, more meditation, chanting, and another video. then i get to see beau! yay! can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. i hope life is treating you well and that you, too, can enjoy a little indulgence for yourself tomorrow.

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Miss Olivia said...

Wow! This is my hot topic at the moment. I believe that everybody, rich or poor, has the right to a good meal and to a working form of transport (essential in our community, which is pretty spread out). I do my best to help people along by: helping out in the office at the regional food bank; serving meals with the local Food Not Bombs chapter; spending my Sunday afternoons digging up weeds at a local community garden (the vegetables feed us garden volunteers and we donate what is left to those who need it); and volunteering at the unversity bike centre, where we help people fix their bikes so they can get around town. I wish I had more time to help out more.
It makes me a little happier knowing that I do my bit to help people who, for whatever reason, aren't as lucky as me. If enough of us help out and share what we can in our own ways then we can definitely create positive change. I am have started small, with the most basic of human meeds (food and transport), but like my yoga practice I think that the small ways in which I help have the potential to grow and develop into something much, much more.
I am lucky, because I am a student, and have two days per week free to spend volunteering. Some people might not be so blessed on the time front, but that's ok too. I like to think that the best possible thing we can do for the world is simply to take good care of our body, mind and soul and to be the happiest person we can be. If what makes you happiest is working in a busy job, or raising a beautiful family, I think that even then, just by doing what you do and being content, you are making the world a better place. How corny is that? :-)
PS Sorry for the essay, like I said this is my favourite topic.

Miss Olivia said...

PS. Kimberly, I hope you have had a great day off and enjoyed your sleep this morning!