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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

new york, new york

ahhh, the city of SUCH excitement. my beau and i were up there this weekend for an oh-too-short excursion. i had an all-day book workshop on saturday so we left late friday night, pulled into the hotel after midnight, and were up bright and early to head off for an action-packed day. i spent 8 hours focusing on my passion for hip tranquil chick. after doing a mock interview for the book, one of the publicists at the event shared that she used to be a student at tranquil space when we were at the church! what a small world.

after this incredibly informative and mentally exhausting day, my beau and i headed for broadway where we'd gotten tickets to see bridge and tunnel. it was quite chilly and rainy so, of course, we stopped along the way to warm up in a bookstore. as a bibliophile, this can be quite dangerous. i saw daily candy's new book and had to have it. i can never leave a bookstore with empty hands--it's a crazy addiction (but i know there are worse ones!).

after dining at a not-so-swanky japanese fast food restaurant (my beau loves the fact that i'm the cheapest date in town and sooo high class), we headed to the show. what an AMAZING performance. this woman is INCREDIBLE. tons of accents, personas, and character changing right before our eyes. i highly recommend it. what isn't to love about a chick writing and performing her very own play that just got extended at the helen hayes theatre? then we hopped in our car and headed back to the nation's capitol. wow, that city fills me with creativity, passion, and visions of possibility in so many ways! here's to new york--if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

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