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Monday, April 10, 2006

interview on martha stewart living radio

40 minutes after sending in three more book chapters last month, i had the opportunity to speak with Joan Durand from Martha Stewart Living Radio for an hour. she hosts the "start up" segment of the show and asked all sorts of insightful questions. we discussed the grassroots start up of tranquil space--from the living room to church days to our current location. the interview will air on sirius radio saturday 4.15 at 7pm and on sunday 4.16 at 11pm.

since i'm not quite that satellite radio savvy yet, i did some googling and found that you can sign up for a 3-day trial subscription by calling 800.869.5059. maybe now i'll dip my toes into what folks have been raving about these past few years. either way, wanted to share the news in case you're interested in tuning in over easter weekend.

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Tim Mooney said...

You can also sign up for the three-day trial online... click here for Martha's page (because she and I are apparently on a first-name basis), then click in the upper right for "free online trial."

- Your friendly, neighborhood podcast producer...