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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

happy shortest day of the year!

can you believe 2005 is almost over? only 10 days left. i have stacks of journals and magazines to read, three more chapters to write in five weeks, the tranquiliT spring designs to finalize, a studio to oversee, relationships to nurture, and a holiday to boot! the city is starting to clear out, the pace slows (along with the amount of e-mail emergencies--yay!), and today marks the shortest day of the year.

as i prepare to leave on friday for a few days away, i'm gearing up to go through my reading materials (i love saving them for plane and car trips), lock myself into a room to write throughout the holiday (in between time with my beau's family), and spend some time reflecting on 2005. by noting the highlights, along with the lessons learned, i'm hopeful that i can turn it into better decision-making and intuition-trusting in 2006. we're always a work in progress, right?

as you also gear up for the holidays, remember to take care of yourself. do some yogic breathing when faced with challenging family members, take "time-outs" by curling up with a good book in your childhood bedroom, get in as much yoga movement as you can--even if it is just one forward fold, watch your intake as we are what we eat (does that make me a giant peppermint patty?), do some hip opening poses to help with emotions and traveling, and spend some time relishing in your highlights and growth this year.

may we all continue to grow into the best possible versions of our eccentric selves, and continue to live out loud! after all, you have lots to share, lots to say, and numerous lives to touch. happy winter solstice and 100th post of hip tranquil chick!

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