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Saturday, December 24, 2005

merry christmas eve!

growing up, this was the day we opened our gifts from each other. on christmas morning we opened our gifts from santa--boy was i upset when i learned there really wasn't a santa in the third grade. it was always a treat because the youngest got to open first (me!), and i'd already partaken in a child's fave part of the holiday while most of my friends were still having trouble sleeping out of sheer excitement. ahhh, the memories.

now i spend a lot of the holiday downing vitamin c (over the past few years my body goes into a hibernation and sickness when given this time off), resting, reflecting, and enjoying just being. sometimes these pleasantries are hard to fit into a normal routine, but over the next few days, there are few e-mails, few business-related emergencies, and more open space. i hope this is the same for you. yes, there are family-related emergencies and drama which can seem like a job at times, but see if you can capture some of this open space, and cultivate some tranquility among the hustle and bustle.

may today offer you respite from routine, little drama, lots of love, and some festively decorated sugar cookies to boot! merry christmas eve.

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