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Monday, January 05, 2015

mindful monday + today's gifts

It’s good to have an end in mind but in the end what counts is how you travel. ― Orna Ross

On Friday I hosted the Daybook Playshop and enjoyed seeing the above images shared on Instagram #daybook. With peonies, twinkle lights, a tea thermos, laptop, and daybook, I shared how best to use this creation to enjoy a tranquility-filled 2015. To watch the hour-long event, tune in here.

Over the weekend I returned to DC and went on a decluttering spree documented on Instagram. By last night, there were eight bags and four boxes (not shown) to donate plus two trash bags to purge. Although I still have books and files to do, this morning I'm feeling much lighter.

After dashing to the post office to ship orders that came in since December 31, I settled in slowly to this day of deadlines. 

GIFTS: There's the launch of the 52 Weeks of Tranquility program {hitting inboxes shortly} and the Tranquilosophy seasonal podcast {at 3pm ET today}. If you can't join the call live, we'll have a recording available shortly here.

Typically I'd scramble to my iPhone to handle all the emails that hit my inbox while I was sleeping. Instead today I savored a soak in the tub with rose bath salts, sipped green tea, spritzed myself with rose perfume, and reviewed my daybook to acknowledge the priorities. 

As the above quote by Orna Ross reminds us, how we travel is what makes all the difference. For 2015, my hope is to ensure my travels are more tranquil. Getting things done is critical, we know that. However, it's how we get things done that can make all the difference.

For me, I'm hoping for more washi tape-sealed love notes via snail mail, aromatherapy-infused meditation, and a slower start to deadline-filled days. Wishing you a beautiful return back to routine. Make that routine as beautiful as possible. Bisous. x

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Unknown said...

Just got week one in my inbox - it was just what I needed today!! Thank you!!

kimberly wilson said...

SO happy to hear. Thanks for joining us! x

Laurie said...

Hi Kimberly!
I haven't receivd anything in my inbox ( I checked spam just in case). πŸ˜”

kimberly wilson said...

sorry to hear that, laurie! check spam and promos (if you use gmail). you may want to sign up at with another email addy? also, feel free to join in on the FB page. x