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Friday, January 02, 2015

week in review

twinkle lights, roses, and sparkles for new year's eve workshop

announced this free program

savored this post-gym jaunt

hot cocoa with marshmallows + pug envy

peony bliss

le pug stealing my spot . . . again

macaron reward post-workshop

week in review
taught 3-hr mindfulness + yoga mini retreat
gym jaunt
part-time work at the women's center
penned heaps of thank-you notes
rang in new year with anderson cooper + kathy griffin
personalized my daybook
biked 3 miles
shared 2015 dreams
began reading essentialism
cleaned up inbox
set up evernote systems
savored soaks in the tub
commuted between dc and the woods
shipped orders
hours of strategic planning
heaps of sleeping
family walks in the woods

weekend wish list
fun train ride back to dc
two full days of deep decluttering
host inspiring daybook playshop
ship orders
pen muse for studio newsletter
prep week 1 of 52 weeks program
 prep "new year, new you" tranquilosophy seasonal podcast

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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Cherie said...

I've been doing major decluttering - both material and digital - for the past month. What a great feeling! New Year's Day is my favorite holiday and I always look forward to the new start. I'd love to hear about your Evernote system. I use Evernote and just listened to a podcast about maximizing my use of it. Looking forward to the 52 Weeks of Tranquility - thanks!

rachal said...

Thank you Kimberly for the 52 Weeks of Tranquility!

kimberly wilson said...

thanks, ladies, for joining the 52 weeks of tranquility. yes, a new year, a fresh start. always feels good! x