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Thursday, October 16, 2014

tranquilosophy: TDJ 10 years part 2

Last week was the launch of this 4-part series on 10 years of blogging. Here's a link to the piece about blogging inspiration over the past decade.

Today I'm sharing a sample from the upcoming Tranquility du Jour Anthology featuring a favorite post. This was written in July 2012, shortly after going on semi-sabbatical and stepping away from Tranquil Space's day-to-day operations after 13 years of 24/7 immersion. I felt uneasy about my next steps and was struggling. Below is the piece and I hope you enjoy:

- - -

During my time at the World Domination Summit, I took heaps of notes, enjoyed sessions with inspiration powerhouses such Brene Brown, Scott Harrison (charity:water founder), Danielle LaPorte, Scott Belsky, and Susannah Conway, and emerged feeling a bit, well, untapped. 

What do I mean by untapped? That sinking feeling that your ship has sailed, other {younger} people are doing amazing things, and you're in a state of stand still. Nothing feels more uncomfortable to me than stand still. Clearly something I want and continue to work on. Mindfulness, here I continue to come.

This feeling began after hearing Scott's amazing story and thinking of my own big dreams for activist efforts. Sadly, the feeling continued through the entire summit. The summit ended with the summit founder, Chris Guillebeau, giving us each a $100 bill as we exited and challenging us to "start a project, surprise someone, or do something entirely different." Perfectly aligned with his awesome book, $100 Startup

Even yesterday while chatting with fellow participant at Susannah Conway's book event, it was clear that many of us were processing so much from the weekend. Ideas, inspiration, next steps, and ways to be. However, I haven't been able to quite shake that nagging feeling of being untapped. And I was frustrated with myself for not having an action plan yet. I mean, it had been nearly 24 hours since I left the summit! Hmmm, patience *is* a virtue.

It's the first time in awhile that I haven't been in the midst of launching something new or filled with a plan. Instead, I only have life planned through May 2013 when I finish social work school and am contemplating {insert drum roll} spending next summer in France writing and being. Ok, so that takes me through August 2013, then what? 

After further reflection (and there is still lots of it to do), I believe the untapped feeling comes with being in this odd state of "in between." In alignment with the summit's theme, I'm eager to live a remarkable life in a conventional world and questioning the how. How do I take all my weekend notes and infuse them into my daily life? How do I live a remarkable life in a conventional world? How do I live more mindfully? How do I know I'm doing enough? How to I make a difference for the animals? How do I on and on and on. 

Ever have these feelings and moments of questioning? Having devoted the past 13 years to the birth and growth of my baby, Tranquil Space, plus various offspring (TranquiliT, Tranquility du Jour, Tranquil Space Foundation), I'm slowly transitioning. To what? I don't know. Definitely don't plan to send my babies off to college as I'm too attached. Yet I have this longing to connect, sink deeper within, and slow down. Time will tell. In the interim, I need to battle my own untapped feelings and remember that I am enough. We are enough. You are enough. 

While standing in the journal section of Powell's last night, I smiled in honor of the dreams, hopes, and fears that will soon be penned into these beautiful beings. Now, take a moment and answer this question: how will you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

Here are my off the cuff thoughts:  •    Simplify  •    Seek beauty •    Give freely •    Sprinkle sunshine •    Bask in being different •    Embrace change •    Leave a small eco footprint •    Leave a big "heartprint" (Oui, I made that word up—a bad habit)

Et toi? It's a big question worthy of big journaling. Oh, and another gentle reminder. You. Are. Enough.

- - -

Over these 10 years, I've shared struggles, continuing education takeaways, dreams, milestones, and more.

Reading and writing this evolution in a blog format has been a source of accountability, along with a way to connect with like-hearted souls sharing a similar path. It's shaped me, expanded my community, and offered me the opportunity to explore dreams in a public format.

For that, I'm beyond grateful. May our next decade together be even more beautiful. Bisous. x

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My Cottage Diary said...

Great post, Kimberly! Oddly enough, at my age anyway, and at this point in time, I'd like to be at even more of a standstill than I am! Too many demands on my time make me cranky, and I don't like to be cranky! I always enjoy your posts, and I look forward to your next ten years and all that you'll be sharing that will be so helpful to others. God Bless You! Bess

kimberly wilson said...

thank you, bess. appreciate your support and the reminder of time demands = cranky. slowing down = less cranky. thanks for the reminder! x