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Friday, September 19, 2014

week{s} in review

 received heaps of furry cuddles

saw dirty dancing musical with heather

delighted in post-musical gelato

 penned september dreams

 basked in birthday date night with le beau

 embroidered baby onesies

 savored four days at squam lake

 set up TranquiliT table at squam art fair

 saw the degas cassatt exhibit and snapped this pic of cassatt's pastel boxes

 gifted longtime tranquil space darling, linda, a handmade treat

week{s} in review {9/6 - 9/19}
brunch + musical with girlfriend
started 8-week MBSR course
dinner with girlfriend
saw clients at the women's center
taught 9 classes
national gallery of art lunch date with girlfriend
saw degas cassatt exhibit
meetings with social work supervisor
handled heaps social work paperwork
treated le beau to birthday dinner at tabard inn
flew to and from boston
shuttle to and from squam lake
made a dream catcher
mind mapped book project
attended writing group
attended mindful relationships class
worked on daybook and anthology
gym jaunts and yoga classes
attended baby shower
gifted handmade onesies
sold final hardcover tranquility du jour daybook
announced update on next version of daybook
shared things i love: squam reflection
shared things i love: squam bound
released podcast #322 on feminine spirituality

weekend wish list
productive, fun tranquil space director meeting
shoot trailer for anthology
edits to designer
veg fest date with girlfriend
send love note
announce fall book club pick

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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