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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

things i love: squam reflection

1. making art
 2. mind mapping

 3. making a dreamcatcher

 4. musing on the dock overlooking squam lake

 5. nesting in my tiny cabin

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o2bupnorth said...

Such a beautiful setting, sure to inspire anyone! I must find a way to create my own "Squam Experience!" Thank you for sharing!

Camille said...

SUCH a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Kimberly. Thank you for all the wonderfully warm and tranquil energy you brought to the retreat!! xoxox

kimberly wilson said...

camielle, it was a true delight to meet and study with you! x

kimberly wilson said...

indeed ob2bupnorth. the setting is magical and the experience refreshing. creating your own sounds like just what the doctor ordered. enjoy! x