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Friday, September 26, 2014

week in review

  a peek at the upcoming tranquility du jour anthology

first fall fire in the pink palace

loving on le pug in his new pink bike helmet {gift from auntie carol}

week in review
delicious saturday in bed working on projects
attended a celebratory citizenship party
meditation class with le beau
date night with le beau
hosted a mentoring session
hosted fall seasonal podcast {now available for download}
pre-sale plans and release of tranquility du jour anthology
took mindful relationships class
beautiful work at the women's center
enjoyed first fall fire chez moi
smothered le pug with kisses
personal essay class in new york city
editing, editing, editing
video shoot for anthology
taught 5 classes
took 2 yoga classes
spontaneously signed up for 2-day blogacademy in brooklyn
gathered and sent heaps of photos to designer
project meeting with le beau
call with teacher director
penned wednesay well-being: face oil
featured on amanda cook's podcast on multi-faceted business
shared things i love
chose fall's online bookclub read
many soaks in the tub
savored a few green juices
shipped CDs, daybooks + books
secured weekend lodging in brooklyn
5am bus ride to new york city

weekend wish list
learn heaps at writing and blogging workshops
vegan dining and green juice sipping
safe jaunt back to dc

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?

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