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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

things i love: squam bound

image courtesy of one percent
1. bunting
image courtesy of meredith winn
2. fall foliage
image courtesy of susa tatlan
3. mixed media class

image courtesy of squam

4. squam art fair {showing TranquiliT}

image courtesy of meghan davidson
 5. musing on the dock

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Squam Art Workshops to bask in being, creating, and musing. My last jaunt to this sacred setting was September 2011 and I have vivid memories of lying on the dock to call Gramma and wish her a happy 99th birthday. 

Here are a few posts from my time there: Heading Out, Sharing View, Creating, Saying Goodbye, and interviewing the Creator of it all, Elizabeth. I'll be snapping pics during my 4-day jaunt and sharing them on Instagram

Depending on WIFI, I may be absent for a few days, but will return rejuvenated on Sunday with pictures, stories, and love. Bisous. x

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Unknown said...

I'd love to go on a Squam workshop one day :)

AVY said...

Love that last pic, so peaceful.