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Sunday, May 18, 2014

week in review

 date night
 writing lab
 members' gathering
vegan brunch
presidential motorcade

week in review
hosted 3-hour yoga + writing workshop
hosted 2-hour writing lab
taught 4 classes
took 6 audition classes
took 2 classes {including an in-class private at jivamukti}
hosted 1-hour member gathering
conducted two podcast interviews
2 gym jaunts
2-hour tranquil space foundation meeting
vegan brunch at the corcoran
saw play at imagination stage directed by a tranquil space yogi
saw fed up documentary on sugar
took 4am train to nyc for a software training
returned next day on 9pm bus
call with mary catherine re: costa rica plans
hosted women's group
scaled fence {in palazzo pants + espadrilles} to capture escaped kitty
TranquiliT order + shipping coordination
call with accountant
meeting with friend re: tranquility du jour anthology
meeting with teacher director
started sugar detox {story forthcoming}
savored a yummy nap
call with momma wilson
date night with le beau
tea with friend in nyc
lots of green juice + tub soaks
watched presidential motorcade in nyc with studio director

weekend wish list
survive 4 auditions {done + taking advil}
host writing lab {done + loved}
brunch + farmers' market with girlfriend
podcast interview
family time

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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