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Monday, May 12, 2014

mindful monday

while the discussion of mindful eating is not necessarily new to this blog, the topic of sugar addiction is. and to share it within our mindfulness column feels apropos.

after a glorious mother's day complete with a todd gray vegan brunch at the corcoran and a girl power play directed by a beloved yoga student, we wanted one more experience to top off the day.

e street cinema never disappoints, so when we read the premise of the recently released documentary, fed up, we had our mother's day cherry on top. and it did not disappoint.

the trailer is below to whet your appetite. so to speak.

the most startling statistic of the film: sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.

i've signed up for the 10-day sugar detox via their fed up challenge. we'll see how i do. so far, i skipped agave in my green tea. that's a big step considering my diet contains lots of sugar.

actually, most american diets contain lots of *hidden* sugars. for example, two teaspoons of ketchup contain two teaspoons of sugar.

here's an article sharing more about hidden sugars, its addictive quality, and daily sugar allowance.

as we become more mindful of the choices we make and what we put into our bodies, my hope is that we will see societal shifts coupled with increased energy, happiness, and overall well-being.

need a refresher on mindful eating and living? here's a 10-week plan based on savor.

in the interim, up for joining moi on the 10-day sugar detox? hope so! bisous. x

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