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Thursday, May 15, 2014

tranquilosophy: shifts

my toile-infused hotel room

bonjour from new york where i'm attending a conference on our studio's software. before leaving the hotel this morning, i snapped the above pic of the soft, cozy, toile-infused bed. there is something so luxurious about simple pleasures.

over the past two months i've felt tiny shifts within. although i can't put my finger on what exactly, change is happening. and there is a palpable stir occurring deep inside.

it began when plans were put on hold while waiting for details on social work licensing changes. although the wait continues, i find myself pondering next steps on many levels. deeper ones.

the word deep really resonates. i'm seeking much more depth. exploring ways to offer much more depth. reading all i can get my hands on. and diving further into mindfulness practices.

and maybe that's why i'm drawn to crafting a memoir. 

my writing has been focused on the courses i'm taking to help suss out the arc of the story. 

although you'll continue to find regular inspiration here and in love notes, there may be shifts in frequency as i take a step back to reflect, go deeper, and update this blog and my website to offer you more . . . tranquility. in a meaningful way.

stay tuned as the shifts unfold before you. and me. in real time.

pay attention to the stirrings within. they have so much to teach us. if only we slowed down to listen. deeply. bisous. x

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D said...

Change can be exciting! I too find myself drawn more and more towards something different this summer, which in my case is art. As soon as i finish organizing the Duck Egg Blue Palace (inspired by the lovely pictures of your home) I will dive into art in a big way. Thank you, as always, for the inspiration. <3


o2bupnorth said...

What is the name of the hotel with the toile infused room?! I have a Birthday Weekend in NYC coming soon & would love to stay somewhere cozy like that!

Melissa said...

I admire that you are listening to your intuition to take a step back to focus on increasing your mindfulness practices. What a wonderful example to set for readers of the blog. I'm sure the focused time on mindfulness will come through in love notes and other future posts. I look forward to reading your journey.

kimberly wilson said...

Darca and Melissa: Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. Ah, life is such a journey. x

o2bupnorth: I stayed at the Mayfair in Times Square because it was near my conference. It's a bit dingy but I was comfy and a big fan of the location plus toile-infusion! Happy birthday. x

D said...

Perhaps fiction writing would be an interesting new step for you! I can envisage a series of pink paisley patterns young adult books :-)

Katherine Dimas said...

Change often creeps up like that, in a web of unexpected ways, until it is upon you. I look forward to reading all about these shifts, even if that means they will be less frequent (though I hope not!)

kimberly wilson said...

fun idea, darca! that's a WHOLE new genre. fiction scares me for some reason. therefore it's probably something i should explore. that's the beauty of memoir, it's a similar process. x

kimberly wilson said...

dearest kat: indeed, change is a tricky beauty. thank you for reading along and supporting the journey. x