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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

wednesday well-being

this morning's breakfast of champions

happy, happy hump day to you. 
after many subway veggie delights, heaps of animal crackers, and eating on-the-go over the past few days, my body was begging for something, well, less processed and more pure. hello green juice!

here's an infographic by kris carr of crazy sexy with more ideas on concocting your own.

sans juicer and wanting to be part of the green juice club? never fear. there are many resources out there on how to whip up a juice in your blender. here's a good one from just a taste to get you started. 

my go-to juicer is the breville juice fountain compact. less than $100 and a giver of so much goodness. considering purchasing green juices costs around $10, it pays for itself fairly quickly.

have a fave recipe? share in the comments below. moi? i love throwing in whatever i have around. namely, cucumbers, apples, celery, greens {spinach + kale} plus a splash of ginger. here are a few to get you started from prolific juicing.

invest in yourself, your health, and your well-being. pick up a green juice today. you're worth it. bisous. x 

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goodmoodyogagirl said...

Thanks for posting this topic! Have been hoping you'll do more on green juices and trying to have a vegan diet. Recently got some of Kris's books & love her? Maybe a podcast?? As always, thanks for being the first website I visit when I am surfing the net.

kimberly wilson said...

thanks for tuning in here first, diana. i'm honored. yes, kris is an amazing resource for juicing and healthy living. more to come! x

Nayeema Akter said...

I am a Yoga instructor from Bangladesh. I love do Yoga regularly and follow healthy diet and fresh juices. It's really make me refreshed.