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Monday, April 14, 2014

mindful monday

peach blossoms procured at the dupont farmers' market

happy monday. a big merci for your support of the 24 tools of tranquility e-book released last week. i appreciate it greatly and hope that the e-book, essays, and photos help nurture your experimentation with the tranquility tools. 

my weekend was spent at the studio teaching workshops, taking yoga, savoring a mindfulness workshop, and speaking at georgetown's own it summit {recorded talk coming out in this week's love note}. oh, and delighting in this beautiful weather coupled with a farmers' market jaunt, brunch with a social work colleague, and spontaneous date night with le beau. 

i wanted to share a few gems from the mindfulness workshop with the lovely gina sager

* when pining for something other than the present moment, remind yourself "nothing else is supposed to be happening." 

* thoughts and experiences are not the same.

* the cognitive mind tries to make sense of feelings to avoid the pain. 

* we tend to be teflon for good experiences and velcro for negative ones.

* watch your thoughts, don't have to solve it. 

* stay and don't abandon self when uncomfortable. 

* we can only control our response to stressful environmental factors. 

* the more you leave the moment, the more dissatisfaction you have.

* at the end of every day, forgive yourself and start over.

* angst comes up when thinking "this isn't right, i'm not supposed to feeling this way."

* meditation changes neuropathways.

* the path is the goal. 

may your week be filled with many mindful moments. bisous. x

{to explore mindfulness further, join the "mindfulness: tranquility within" e-course}

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Nayeema Akter said...

I am a yoga instructor from Bangladesh. I have spent a busy Monday with my students. It's really very enjoyable to introduce others with the peaceful journey of Yoga and help them to be benefited by practicing Yoga.

Oh, TV! said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly! Wow, you have a new e-book! Will grab a copy right away.

I actually just wrote an article on your book Tranquilista. Sharing it here:

Thanks, Kimberly, for all these tranquility tools. :)