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Monday, April 21, 2014

mindful monday

our first beach of the season
 our first campfire
 stunning sunset
 jackson acclimating to camper living
miss lillie hit the road for first time since tranquility tour

after hosting a members' event at tranquil space friday night, we packed up miss lillie, our furry family, and headed toward the eastern shore. the above pics capture scenes of our journey: sand, campfire, sunset, pets. 

being back in our vintage camper after months living sans wheels felt nostalgic and comforting. i miss the freedom that comes with miss lillie. the open road. the need to be no place else. the little bubble that she represents. all feels well in the world.

although the beach was chilly, the one vegan resto hadn't opened yet for the season, and we were constantly on guard for escape artist jackson, i'd call the weekend a success.

while the wind was howling yesterday, we curled up inside with blankets, books, and tea surrounded by our furry sons and a wicker basket filled with snacks. the smell of a pine candle permeated the air. it was cozy and delicious. there was no place else i wanted to be. 

this feeling brings me back to last week's mantra from gina sager, "nothing else is supposed to be happening right now." 

my default is "what can i handle now within the allotted time?," on that never-ending quest to check things off my list, this mantra brings me back to the present moment. to the beauty of being. right now. with what is. 

even if it involves escaping kittens, chilly wind on a beach day, or closed vegan restos. this, my friends, is the delicious practice of mindfulness. bisous. x

{to explore mindfulness further, join the "mindfulness: tranquility within" e-course}

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D said...

I hate camping (even glamping) but I must admit you make it look idyllic!

If you ever want some light holiday reading, you should check out the young adult series "The Time Traveling Fashionista" by Bianca Turetsky. I am not a young adult by any means but I do love vintage fashion and easy reads after a tough semester of classes.

Actually, I think YOU should write a series of novels for young girls. Because you have SO MUCH free time. Okay, I know you have zero free time, but your tranquility message makes all of us readers feel like we can become the heroines of our own lives.

meecindy said...

hanging out in miss lillie curled up in blankets with books and tea, cuddling the fur kids sounds absolutely decadent! what a wonderful trip. at some point in the near future i hope to acquire a miss lillie of my own in order to do the same. thanks so much for sharing.

cindy :)

kimberly wilson said...

thanks, d. that series sounds darling, thanks for the recommendation! fun idea re: novels for young girls. appreciate the suggestion. oh, to ponder! x

kimberly wilson said...

cindy: acquiring a miss lillie is a must. she's a total delight to spend time in and was found for a song on craig's list! x