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Friday, January 31, 2014

week in review

 saturday night's yoga + knitting workshop {purling is hard}
 advanced teacher trainees savoring child's pose in the lab
 memoir writing course
 le pug loves kitten's can
donning new pink handmade scarf by mama wilson

week in review
taught 3 yoga classes
took 1 yoga class
took 2 barre classes
took 1 ballet class
taught 6 hours of advanced teacher training
took a 4-hour sunday nap {dreamy}
saw nebraska + savored brunch with girlfriend
took 2.5-hour knitting + yoga workshop
penned final essays for 24 days o' tranquility e-course
9-hour bus trip to and from nyc for 3-hour memoir writing course
penned memoir writing homework
confirmed september 20 mindfulness workshop in montreal at luna yoga
penned and released love note museletter
penned piece for tranquil space newsletter
3-hour strategic meeting re: TranquiliT with carol
1-hour meeting with programming director
1-hour social work supervision 
created writing lab at tranquil space {2/7 + 5/16}
spring TranquiliT planning meeting with local seamstress
set spring fashion truck event at arlington {miss lillie is coming on 5/3}
art playdate with girlfriend over brene brown's e-course
loved reading heaps of natalie goldberg's old friend from far away
enjoyed reading manage your day-to-day
hosted 1-hour call for e-course participants

weekend wish list
 swan lake date night with le beau at kennedy center
call with lovely lady from hollywood 
see inside llewyn davis + savor brunch with a friend
savor jazz and blues ballet performance
begin burlesque classes
podcast interviews
pen heaps of love notes

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list? bisous. x

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