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Friday, January 03, 2014

week in review

 penning thank you's
 teaching yogis on new year's eve
 planning 2014 dreams
 kitty in christmas tree
 last night's walk home
 stamping daybook dates
 tub soaking with green juice in reach
walking kitten on pink leash

week in review
 taught 3 hour new year's eve workshop
took train from the woods back to dc
survived another barre class
shipped heaps of daybooks 
meeting with teacher training director
updated social work resume
savored a massage
10 hours of yoga {4 classes}
took 3.5 hours of meditation and Q/A 
 penned oodles of thank you's {+ inserted happy new year confetti}
chose squam retreat workshops + plan to make it a 2-week adventure in miss lillie
sent welcome love note to 24 days o' tranquility participants {can't wait!}
packed for 4 days in nyc
penned muse for tranquil space newsletter
took bus to nyc
dining dates with friends
date night with le beau {followed by my 9:30 new year's eve crash}
crafted 8 petals for monday's "new year, new you" tranquilosophy podcast
mani pedi
ordered a new fabric for TranquiliT spring yoga basics
spent time in art journal and daybook dreaming up 2014
took a digital day off
chatted with a stranger in a new york cafe for 3 hours
went on family walks in the woods with our 2 furry sons on leashes
gifted management team copies of real happiness at work
resisted an organic brownie after dinner {big step for me}
watched frances ha {loved}

weekend wish list
savor remaining time in nyc
learn lots from sharon salzberg + joseph goldstein at ny insight meditation center
safe journey back to dc saturday night
hair cut and color
record videos and podcasts
savor date night at kennedy center with le beau {flashdance the musical}

et toi? what's on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x

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