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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

bonne année

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bonjour 2014. 

can i tell you a secret? i crawled into bed at 9:30pm. le beau now calls me grandma. i listened to my body and apparently it was tired. even my mind was foggy. so earplugs in and eye pillow on, down into the cozy abyss i went. woke up at 5:30am bright eyed and ready for a new year. et toi?

the past few days we've planned to shoot my "end of year/welcome to the new year" wrap-up video {as i did in 2010} but either the lighting wasn't right, we didn't have the tripod, or i wasn't camera-ready, so it hasn't yet happened. the intention is still there and this blog post will serve the purpose in the interim. 

on sunday i created my 2014 personal and business dreams in my daybook. by honing in on big projects {release two TranquiliT collections, organize and release tranquility du jour anthology, tranquil space 15-year celebration, refocus tranquil space foundation's mission, etc.} and personal pursuits {daily writing, decluttering, exercise routine, travel, etc.} i was able to clarify my overarching dreams from the minutia {gym 5x/week} to the grand {launch perfume oil}.

i also went through my daybook to note big projects and plans for january and pulled together my january dreams via collage and writing. amazing what being sans technology for a day will do for one's creativity.

tools needed for this process: daybook or planner, sharpies, images that appeal, washi tape, stamps, stickers, tags, labels, time and space. 

finally, this morning i pulled out my 2013 dreams penned into a sparkly pink idea book {3 books ago} that was lovingly tucked away with past planners and idea books. below is a photo of it and, upon review, it's interesting to see how many dreams remain the same: mindfulness, simplicity, disconnection day, daily writing and exercise, etc.

here's a smattering of 2013 highlights:
tranquility tour
adopting jackson cezanne wilson mooney
6 weeks in paris
walk for farm animals 
9-year anniversary with le beau
14-year tranquil space anniversary
completing MSW and LGSW {licensed graduate social worker}
completing MBSR {mindfulness-based stress reduction} training
internship at amtrak
releasing the mindfulness: tranquility within e-course
5-day writing class in paris
farm sanctuary visits
releasing tranquilologie

ready to begin your own review and dreaming process? more tips penned in 2012 plus susannah conway and leonie dawson have great tools, too.

now i must pack to hop on my bus to nyc that leaves in an hour. in the meantime, i'm sending you lots of love and creative energy to move toward your big dreams in 2014. bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Do I spy that you're going vegan this year? I've been vegan 6 months and I love it. You must try Candle Cafe's mac n cheese in the frozen section of Whole Foods :) Good luck with your dreams!

kimberly wilson said...

thanks, meg. i LOVE candle cafe and didn't realize they had frozen foods at whole foods. yum! x

rachal said...

I am so excited to hear about the anthology and the perfume......sounds fun:)